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Young Women in STEAM Grant Recipient – Farzana Alam Eshita

Civil Engineer | Sustainable Development Champion | Honors Student

Meet 23-year-old Farzana Alam Eshita from Australia, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering with a civil concentration at the Monash University in Australia. Her final year project is focused on investigating the development of shear bands in Triaxially loaded sand bands using X-ray computed technology. She is working on a sports complex that will accommodate tennis and golf. It will be a landmark structure showcasing excellent architectural and urban design, as well as provide a social space where people can engage and feel apart of the community. Like her father, she hopes to one day own her own engineering consultation firm that will focus on sustainable house planning and design.

2022 Young Women in STEAM grant recipient, Farzana Alam Eshita

Describe your STEAM projects/interests.

Currently, Farzana is pursuing three different STEM-related projects:

Project 1: At Monash University in Australia, I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) with a Civil concentration. I’m in my final year right now, and I’m working on my final year project – ‘Investigating the development of shear bands in Triaxially loaded sand bands using X-Ray computed tomography’.

  • Below are the scopes of my final year project:
    • Investigating the micromechanical behavior of granular sand under high stress utilizing a triaxial test and an X-Ray computed Tomography (CT) imaging approach.
    • Determining the microstructural scalar characteristics of soils under one-dimensional compression stress.
    • Investigating the behavior of soil under stress using a directional anisotropy-based scaler parameter of voids.

Project 2: I work part-time at Major Road Projects Victoria in addition to my studies, and as an intern I am presently working on the Bridge Inn Road project where I am researching the signal, drainage analysis, and discovering the precise design recommendations in accordance with Australian Standards.

Project 3: Constructing a highly usable and accessible structure in Glen Waverley in Melbourne, Australia to accommodate both tennis and golf. The Waverley Sporting Precinct is the setting of the structure. It will be a landmark structure that showcases excellent architectural and urban design solutions. It will produce a vibrant, social space where individuals can engage and take pleasure in their role in the community. We will look at every field, including structure, geology, traffic, and environmental areas.

What/Who inspired you to get into STEAM?

I was always curious to answer problems as a child, and I was always brilliant at mathematics. My father owns a construction company, and I frequently visited the construction site. One day, I hope to have my own engineering consulting organization where I can give sustainable housing planning and design. In addition, Nora Stanton Barney, who I look up to, gave me the idea to study engineering. She was the first woman in the US to earn a degree in civil engineering. All things considered, my decision to pursue a STEM career was motivated by several factors, and I am quite happy with it.

What are some advantages you think being a female brings to the STEAM field?

Being a female in the STEM fields offers a variety of benefits, including the chance to gain confidence, improve problem-solving abilities, and open up new educational and employment prospects. I am more secure now, and I am able to meet like-minded ladies through seminars, events, and other means. As a STEM sisters ambassador in Australia, I actively encourage young Australian females to pursue STEM fields of study.

What would you tell young girls who are interested in STEAM, but too intimidated or discouraged to pursue it?

I was born into a Muslim family and am originally from Bangladesh. I am the first woman in my family to choose to study engineering overseas at the age of 18. First of all, I had an extremely solitary and frightening encounter. However, I eventually adjusted to the surroundings, made new friends, travelled alone through the Australian States, planned numerous events and seminars, and did much more. My message to all young ladies is to STAY STRONG GIRLS and chase your ambitions; you will be able to glimpse another world.

What do you think is most exciting about the future of STEAM, and is there a specific advancement you’d like to see happen?

I find it incredibly exciting that humans will be able to go to other planets in spacecraft. Going outside of our planet to view the moon or other planets and learning about new species will be extremely fascinating to me. Additionally, I am eager to see sustainable cities in all of the developing nations.

Who’s your favorite female icon and why?

One of my favorite female role models is Taylor Swift. I enjoy all of her songs as well as her personality. She is a very strong woman, and it’s fascinating to see how she has seen her career thus far. I vividly recall hearing her debut song, “You belong with me,” and being completely enamored with her skills. Despite all the uproar, she persisted in advancing her profession. She continues to be a role model for me.

2022 Young Women in STEAM grant recipient, Farzana Alam Eshita