DALLAS, TX (APRIL 24, 2020) – Good things come in trees. This month, Mary Kay Inc. and other corporate partners in the Arbor Day Foundation’s Evergreen Alliance are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the world-changing Time for Trees initiative. The initiative, which has a goal of planting 100 million trees and inspiring 5 million trees planters by 2022, has been heralded as the solution to many of the complex, pressing challenges facing our planet. Time for Trees totals will also factor into World Economic Forum’s more ambitious goal of planting one trillion trees by 2050.


“Mary Kay is dedicated to doing its part to sustain the Earth for future generations by partnering with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation,” said Chaun Harper, Chief Manufacturing Officer of Mary Kay Inc. and board member of the Evergreen Alliance. “We’re no strangers to the impact of trees. In ten years of collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, we’ve planted more than one million trees across the United States.”


500,000 of those trees planted by Mary Kay were in response to the wildfires that devastated Bastrop State Park in Texas. Beyond the critical reforestation work, Mary Kay also sponsored the development of 20 Nature Classrooms to immerse more than 31,000 children in nature.


Since the launch of the Time for Trees initiatives, young people—and Youtubers—have taken notice. In October, popular Youtubers rallied together to raise fan donations to help The Arbor Day Foundation and the Evergreen Alliance reach their ambitious goals. Labeling the effort #TeamTrees, the push for donations inspired over 500,000 unique donors resulting in more than 19 million trees to be planted over the world. Talk about a good start.


Globally, approximately 18 million acres of trees are lost each year — to raging wildfires, insects, disease, climate change, and more. The need for reforestation is dire, and the Time for Trees initiative is committed to revitalizing forests across the country and around the globe — ensuring that they live on to provide life-sustaining benefits for future generations.


“Trees resonate,” said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “People can rally around trees,, which is why there’s so much excitement behind this movement. Through trees, the Arbor Day Foundation offers avenues for measurable, concrete action for anyone who wants to help build a greener world. We are immensely grateful for Mary Kay’s contributions. Their leadership – and that of our other Evergreen Alliance members – is invaluable as we restore our nations forests, build stronger communities, and inspire tree planters around the world.”



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