DALLAS – July 13, 2017 – A blouse can mean more than cotton and thread to a domestic violence survivor. It symbolizes confidence, acing an interview, a new job and, ultimately, financial freedom from one’s abuser. Mary Kay Inc.’s ninth annual Suits for Shelters program will collect women’s professional attire to give women the ability to pursue lives full of independence and empty of violence.

Through Aug. 4, Tootsies, located in the Plaza at Preston Center, will accept community donations. In return, those who donate items will receive a $25 Tootsies gift card. WFAA News Ch. 8 is airing a series of public service announcements to encourage community support and more donations for the annual clothing drive.

“Although it may seem simple, receiving a skirt or blouse truly does have the potential to change a domestic abuse survivor’s life and provide professional opportunities some women may never have thought possible,” said Jan Langbein, Chief Executive Officer for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. “Mary Kay is a proven leader in the fight against domestic violence, and Suits for Shelters is a unique way to engage our community, introducing them to the issues domestic violence survivors face every day.”

A partnership between Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay FoundationSM, Suits for Shelters supports domestic violence survivors with professional attire to help boost confidence as they start their lives free from abuse. Since 2009, Suits for Shelters has collected more than 17,000 pieces of professional clothing for women in need. 

“Suits for Shelters is just one way Mary Kay and our community can partner to offer domestic violence survivors a piece of hope as they take their next steps into a life free from their abuser,” said Ryan Rogers, Vice President of The Mary Kay FoundationSM and grandson of company founder Mary Kay Ash.  “Domestic violence is an epidemic that impacts 1 in 4 women regardless of age, race and socio economic status – it does not discriminate. Women’s shelters in our community and across the United States, provide life-saving services. Mary Kay’s support of these organizations is an important part of our commitment to ending domestic violence once and for all.”

Mary Kay has a long-standing commitment to prevent and end domestic violence. Over the past 15 years, Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay FoundationSM have donated more than $53 million to domestic violence prevention and awareness programs to women’s shelters across the country in an effort to end the cycle of abuse. 

“Suits for Shelters unites our community in providing a pathway out of abuse for survivors as they seek employment, which is essential to a life free of abuse,” said Crayton Webb, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility for Mary Kay Inc. “Empowering women and enriching their lives is part of our corporate fabric, and we know one of the first steps to an enriched life is feeling safe in your own home.”

About Mary Kay

At Mary Kay, success lies in our dedication to irresistible products, a rewarding opportunity and positive community impact.  For more than 53 years, Mary Kay has inspired women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in nearly 40 countries.  As a multibillion-dollar company, we offer the latest in cutting-edge skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances. Discover more reasons to love Mary Kay at marykay.com  

About The Mary Kay FoundationSM

The Mary Kay Foundation℠ was created in 1996, and its mission is twofold: to fund research of cancers affecting women and to help prevent domestic violence while raising awareness of the issue. The Mary Kay Foundation℠ has awarded $70.7 million to shelters and programs addressing domestic violence prevention and cancer researchers and related causes throughout the United States. To learn more about The Mary Kay Foundation℠, please visit marykayfoundation.org or call 1-877-MKCARES (652-2737).