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Mary Kay Inc. Spearheads Ocean Conservation Efforts at The 11th Annual World Ocean Summit

DALLAS, TX (April 02, 2024) – Mary Kay Inc., a global leader in women’s empowerment and staunch advocate for sustainability, is once again at the forefront of global ocean conservation efforts. The beauty brand was proud to participate at the 11th Annual World Ocean Summit & Expo, held in Lisbon, Portugal, from March 11-13. As a bronze level sponsor for the second consecutive year, Mary Kay demonstrated its unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable blue economy as a private sector representative and through its long-standing collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

The Annual World Ocean Summit & Expo, organized by Economist Impact, convened over 200 expert speakers and a diverse international audience to engage in meaningful discussions, workshops, and “How to” sessions. These gatherings focused on actionable solutions to some of the most pressing oceanic challenges, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts across sectors.

Sandra Silva, General Manager of Mary Kay Portugal, took an active role in the panel discussion titled “Developing Blue Nature-based Projects.” Silva shared insights on the crucial need for collaborative efforts in marine conservation and highlighted the impact of incorporating gender perspectives in initiatives tackling climate change challenges and biodiversity loss.

“Mary Kay’s participation at this year’s World Ocean Summit was not only about reinforcing our dedication to ocean conservation, but also about spotlighting the essential role of women in these efforts,” said Silva. “We believe that our collective actions today are pivotal for the preservation of marine ecosystems. All stakeholders left the summit with a clear vision on new synergies, a focus on actionable strategies, and soundproof solutions to enhance ocean stewardship.”

Dr. Lizzie Mcleod, Global Ocean Director for The Nature Conservancy, expressed gratitude for their long-term and impactful relationship with Mary Kay. “Our strong collaboration stands as a testament to the power of joining forces across the scientific community and the private sector to improve ocean health. Mary Kay’s support of marine conservation initiatives, including the Super Reefs project in Palau, is one example of our collective effort to ensure a healthy and resilient ocean.”

Mary Kay has been working to elevate ocean health and coral reef awareness through its support of The Nature Conservancy for 37 years. Some of the most recent projects include the Super Reef restoration in the Asia Pacific region and other projects in Hawaii, Palau, the Marshall Islands, and Belize. These projects align with Mary Kay’s mission to not only enrich lives but also to ensure the longevity and health of marine environments for future generations.


  • Mary Kay began supporting The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 1987 and has now contributed to projects for more than three decades across 100 conservation projects around the globe.
  • As part of its mission to conserve the Earth’s land and water, TNC aims to conserve 4 billion hectares of ocean by 2030—Including coral reefs. 
  • Out of more than 1,500 articles published on coral reef sciences in OECD countries, 33% of authors were women.[1]
  • 13%-24% of women occupy senior positions in the EU’s marine sciences sector.[2] 
  • In fisheries and aquaculture, 90% of women are more involved in less well-paid or unpaid work.[3]

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