DALLAS – Oct. 30, 2015 – Sadly, it’s a reality each and every night in cities across the country – domestic violence shelters at capacity without a single bed available. Believing that everyone deserves a safe place, Mary Kay Inc., in partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, is supporting the SafeNight mobile app, an innovative app aimed at changing and saving lives through technology. 


When domestic violence shelters are at capacity, SafeNight enables shelter directors to alert individual anonymous donors to immediately respond to those in need by funding hotel rooms with a few clicks on their mobile devices. Supporters who have downloaded SafeNight will receive a notification expressing specific needs for emergency housing and gives donors an opportunity to respond via the mobile app.  The shelter agency is instantly notified when funds are available to place victims in a safe place for the night. 


“To think that victims of domestic violence could be turned away because shelters are at capacity is heartbreaking,” said Crayton Webb, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility for Mary Kay Inc. “At Mary Kay, we are committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence through financial support of innovative programs like the SafeNight app. We believe that through partnerships like these, we’re helping to provide another avenue for domestic violence shelters to meet the overwhelming need in their communities. We know this technology has already given dozens of families in our hometown of Dallas a safe place to spend the night and flee an abusive situation.”


The SafeNight app was conceived by Caravan Studios and built and launched in partnership with AdvanceNet Labs. The program is currently in use across North Texas, California and Iowa. To date, more than 200 safe nights in hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence in North Texas. 


“Through innovative technology like the SafeNight app, we empower our communities to provide rescue in the moment of crisis and donors are able to take immediate action,” said Keith R. Thode, CEO and Chief Scientist for AdvanceNet Labs. “This revolutionary and life-saving mobile app would not be possible without support from corporate donors like Mary Kay. Until the epidemic of domestic violence is eliminated, this breakthrough technology will continue to make an impact.”


Mary Kay has a long-standing commitment to prevent and end domestic violence.  Over the past 15 years, Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay Foundation℠ have given $50 million to domestic violence prevention and awareness programs to women’s shelters across the country in an effort to end the cycle of abuse.  For more information about Mary Kay’s commitment to end domestic violence, click here.


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