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CCAW is focused on providing training, best practices and practical tools to successfully address gender-based violence crimes making a tangible impact in the lives of women and communities across the United States

Jan Langbein – Chief Executive Officer of CCAW and Genesis Womens Shelter Support

DALLAS, TX (August 24, 2022) – The Mary Kay Ash Foundation, a philanthropic leader with a mission to end gender-based and domestic violence, announced today its continued sponsorship of the 17th annual Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW). Taking place from May 23–26 in Dallas, CCAW is the only national conference that addresses crimes against women with a multi-disciplinary focus that encourages a coordinated community response.

Reflecting the importance of an effective and coordinated multisectoral response to gender-based violence, participation at CCAW included first responders, prosecutors, law enforcement, advocates, nurses, campus personnel, and others, each bringing a unique perspective and best practices for responding to violence against women. 2,500 participants from seven countries and all 50 states joined the Conference. Over the course of the four-days, 129 scholarships were awarded, 192 education-packed workshops were held, and 222 speakers shared practical expert knowledge on effective response and protection efforts.

“It is unacceptable that one in three women worldwide has directly experienced violence. We need to address the root causes of gender-based violence, and we must ensure that our response efforts meet the needs of victims. The Conference on Crimes Against Women is leading the way highlighting what is needed – education and training to ensure a multi-sectoral approach to equip first responders and community stakeholders on best practices regarding identification, investigation and prosecution of crimes against women.”

Ryan Rogers, Chief Investment Officer for Mary Kay Inc. and Vice President of the Mary Kay Ash Foundation Board of Directors

CCAW was created as a partnership between the Dallas Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. CCAW convenes leading experts from across the country to educate and train those who work with victims of crime offering workshops, case presentations and hands-on computer labs. Attendees are taught by local and national experts who delve into the complexities of crimes committed against women. The conference provides the most cutting edge, relevant and creative tools that attendees can immediately apply to their vital work.

“The Mary Kay Ash Foundation has been a committed sponsor of the Conference on Crimes Against Women since 2006. As a result of the Foundation’s continued support, survivors of gender-based violence crimes receive the help they need and deserve. Furthermore, the conference is able to continue to bring about the systemic change needed to prevent and respond to these crimes by improving the way victims are treated throughout the criminal justice system. We commend and thank the Mary Kay Ash Foundation for their unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference to the lives of women.”

Jan Langbein, Chief Executive Officer of CCAW and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

The Mary Kay Ash Foundation has a long-standing commitment to support CCAW and women’s shelters in the U.S and globally through its partnerships with the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women and CARE. Since 2000, 3,300 organizations advocating for the eradication of gender-based violence have received grants from the Mary Kay Ash Foundation, totaling over $58 million. The Foundation has supported over six million women and girls seeking shelter and services from abuse.

About the Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM

Guided by Mary Kay Ash’s dream to enrich the lives of women everywhere, the Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM raises and distributes funds to end gender-based violence and invest in breakthrough cancer research to find a cure for women-related cancers. Since 1996, the Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM has contributed more than $88 million to organizations aligned with its two-fold mission. In addition, the Foundation supports awareness initiatives, community outreach programs, and advocates for legislation to ensure women are healthy and safe. Together, we can make the world better for women. To learn more about how to educate, advocate, volunteer and donate, and join life-saving work to support and empower women, visit marykayashfoundation.org, find us on Facebook and Instagram, or follow us on Twitter.


Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM

About the Conference on Crimes Against Women

The mission of the Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW) is to provide a national forum to disseminate the highest level of training, information and strategies to professionals who are responders and advocates to victims of the many and varied forms of crimes against women including domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault and strangulation. CCAW is the national clearinghouse of best practices for law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, advocates, medical personnel, emergency telecommunicators, probation and parole officers and others who work in the area of crimes against women. Recognizing that these crimes are unique in nature, CCAW provides the most up-to-date, relevant, and effective training and techniques that exist to battle this epidemic. For additional information about the Conference, please visit www.conferencecaw.org.