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Pop the Bubbly! Mary Kay Portugal Marks 25th Anniversary

Mary Kay Portugal does everything with serious style, and honoring its 25th anniversary is no exception.

We’re raising a glass to Mary Kay Portugal on reaching this milestone of 25 years of empowering women and enriching the lives of women throughout the country. Members of the team gathered for a virtual happy hour hosted by Rita Arriaga, PR Specialist, and Sandra Silva, General Manager of MK Portugal to celebrate their more than two decades of success!

From pink cars and inspiring confidence to giving back locally and providing opportunities for financial independence, Mary Kay Portugal has much to toast throughout its 25 years!

Mary Kay Portugal Marks 25th Anniversary
25 years of turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality and empowering women in Portugal
Mary Kay Portugal
Instagram Virtual Happy Hour hosted by MK Portugal GM, Sandra Silva, and PR Specialist Rita Arriaga to celebrate this huge milestone anniversary!