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Be Charity’s mission is to support sick or otherwise disadvantaged people

With Mary Kay (Czech Republic) we are cooperation on the establishment of the children’s corner in the Hospital. It is our first common project, and we hope we will continue in cooperation on other projects.

Behind the beginning of the Be Charity Endowment Fund is a group of friends led by the writer Barbara Nesvadbová. The desire to help the needy began to materialize a few years ago, and beautiful projects were created that were successful and helped to improve the lives of many sick children or people with disabilities thanks to generous individuals and corporate donors. The success of their volunteer work, thanks to beautiful ideas and the will to help, grew into a need to further develop and professionalize this beautiful activity. In 2015, the Be Charity Endowment Fund was officially established.
Be Charity’s mission is to support sick or otherwise disadvantaged people and their families on a long-term basis. We distribute one hundred percent of the funds from our partners and donors – they are intended exclusively for the acquisition of medical care or the purchase of medical supplies. In addition to supporting seriously ill children, we have two other pillars of our activities – we also think about the integration of adults with disabilities into normal life and work process, and we try to provide selected hospitals with quality and effective medical equipment that is for them under current conditions of selection procedures. Cooperation with Mary Kay and their help in the form of a gift for the creation of a children’s corner will also help to make significant progress in their care.
“Our fund helps not only seventy-four children after injuries, oncological diseases and problems related to premature birth or genetic changes, but also clinics that are essentially connected with the gradual return to the most common life of these children. Children spend a lot of time in hospitals, they miss their family and friends. Our goal is to give them a little normal life here as well,” says Barbara Nesvadbová, Founder of Be Charity Endowment Fund. “If there is such a generous sponsor as our first partner in this field, Mary Kay, we are one step closer so that children do not remember their hospital stays as a period full of fear and pain, but perhaps even happier as they got to also experience pleasant moments,” adds Barbara.

One of the children’s hospital facilities is the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Královské Vinohrady Hospital, where its head, professor Andrej Sukop comments on the implementation of the corner: “Every child is afraid before the operation. Of course, their parents are also afraid. I am convinced that the magic of the children’s corner will break the hospital atmosphere and return the children, where they belong – to an environment of dreams, fantasies and games.”

The Be Charity Endowment Fund is constantly developing its activities and is looking for new ways to address donors and give them, in addition to a good feeling of help, also an experience. Every year, therefore, it organizes gala dinners at selected special places, golf or tennis tournaments, cultural performances or, for example, a popular charity bazaar of clothes and accessories. Thanks to Mary Kay, participants can receive beautiful gifts in the form of cosmetic packages for participating in these events. At this year’s Christmas, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, all Professor Sukop’s clinic staff received Christmas presents from Mary Kay, a wonderful feat that greatly touched the exhausted staff.

“You know, we believe that everyone has a responsibility to their neighbor. A healthy person can hardly believe how big steps are for the sick or handicapped, even small improvements. Some of our children also have a chance at a full life. And if we can make the stay in the hospital more pleasant for everyone, not only the children, that’s happiness,” adds Barbara Nesvadbová.

Thank you very much for your help and we look forward to all other joint projects.

Barbora Nesvadbova