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Helping “One Day Charity” in their actions and goals.

After more than a year of work, we’ve finished working on the Usamodzielnieni.pl app for young people who start to become independent and self-sufficient and leave child care homes

It’s incredible how much good can do such campaign! Thanks to the cooperation with Mary Kay One Day charity can do really meaningful things, changing lives of your people for child care homes, just as Mary Kay changes lives of many women. Money gathered by the Company for One Day charity helps funding many different activities which support those young people to better start their adult lives. Here are some of the actions described in short:

One Day is conducting Gallup test’s, which serve as a diagnostic tool to discover and check what talents young people have. These tests let them learn what they are good at and choose a good path for their future development.

We were able to pay for the studies of one of the pupils, we’ve founded few semesters already and are determined to keep funding these studies until the very end. Thanks to these studies the pupil learned what she really loves – psychology – and who she would like to be in the future – psychologist.

Apart from tests charity is also funding professional courses and tools (like cameras or computers) which help pupils not only to fulfill their dreams and passions, but also to easier find and keep a proper pay job. It would be often impossible for them to buy pay for such workshops, but with the help from the One Day charity and Mary Kay they can discover what they love and try to change it into passionate work which will allow them to become self-sufficient.

There are also other activities, a little less serious, but no less important. The charity also deeply cares about everyday wellbeing of it’s pupils and so they organized Gwiazdka One Day (Christmas with One Day). This is an even which allow those children and teenagers from child care homes to try to forget for a while about their situation and enjoy themselves. They receive vouchers for their dreamt gifts but also take part in many various activities. Among the others, there were Mary Kay Sales Directors who volunteered and did makeup for girls who attended the event. For some of those girls it was the first time someone took such care of them and first them they could feel beautiful. Smaller children had their whole faces painted which was obviously a lot of fun!

One Day thinks also about the bigger picture. As you cannot “touch” everyone in need no matter how hard you try, but there are ways to help anyway! One Day app is almost finished and it’s astonishing! It’s an app that contains many useful information about this transition between being a child/teenager and adult, when you have to start taking care of yourself alone. There are law, psychology and finance advice, but also will be a little piece for Mary Kay, where those young adults will be able to learn how to do makeup, how to take care of their skin depending on it’s needs and how to learn it’s needs in the first place – all prepared in cooperation with Mary Kay Beauty Consultants.

It’s incredible how much good can do such campaign! These are the words we started this article with and these are the words we would like it to end with for you to remember. Small steps and seemingly none effort like buying a cosmetic product you would probably buy anyway, can mean so much for someone else. And this feeling when you use cosmetic product as a part of such campaign – you can be proud. You can afford it, you want to look good, but at the same time some young boy or girl there has benefited from it and can take the first step in to adulthood with more ease, determination and better equipped.

One Day Charity
One Day Charity