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Mary Kay, Committed Against Gender Violence

Together with Fundación Integra, Mary Kay Spain collaborates every year in a comprehensive program that brings together financial donations, corporate volunteering, mentoring and solidarity products. 

Since its inception, Mary Kay has maintained its strong commitment to ending violence against women globally. In Spain, the company as a whole, sales force and employees, come together year after year to help more and more women get out of their circle of violence and start a new life. More than 350 women have been cared for and 275 women have found a job.

Every year the company launches its solidarity campaign “A new future with Mary Kay” within its social program “El Rosa Changes Lives” , where Mary Kay Beauty Consultants join their efforts in the sale of solidarity products. Thanks to all of them, the company has donated € 320,000 to Fundación Integrain support of women victims of gender violence, since 2014. In addition, many of them are also volunteers at the Foundation, holding beauty sessions for women victims of gender violence, being authentic self-esteem workshops for them. 

For their part, Mary Kay Spain employees also participate in the Integra Foundation Strengthening School, contributing their knowledge in different fields and helping these women with their volunteer work to acquire the necessary tools to find a job that allows them to give a turn to their lives. Around 315 women have already participated in these workshops. Recently, the company has also closed the third edition of the mentoring program in which several employees have participated. 

“It is a great pride to feel how at Mary Kay Spain we are all united for the same purpose. The eradication of gender-based violence must be paramount for all and at Mary Kay we are an example of this and of all that we can achieve by working together. Thanks to Fundación Integra for their great work, without them nothing would be possible. ” 

Gema Aznar, General Director of Mary Kay Spain.

Mary Kay Spain has been collaborating with Fundación Integra since 2014, supporting its goal of helping women victims of gender violence have access to a job opportunity, key to changing their lives. 

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