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Public Foundation for Assistance to Patients with Cancer “Amila”

The main goal of foundation is charitable activities aimed at: health protection and rehabilitation in order to improve the moral and psychological state and improve the quality of life of children and young people who have undergone cancer, immunological and other serious diseases and their family diseases; social protection and adaptation of children and young people; rehabilitation work with the family of a lost child.

The goal of our programs is to quickly return to children, young people and their families confidence in their abilities and trust in the world, to show that it can do much more than it used to think during illness. To do this, “Phoenix” applies in its work techniques that have proven their effectiveness in rehabilitation camps around the world. Fund specialists regularly exchange experience with colleagues from the Russian camp “Sheredar”, and volunteers participate in the rehabilitation programs of this camp.

Mary Kay Kazakhstan has become the main partner of one of the projects of our Foundation. This program is the first and unique in Kazakhstan, it is carried out for families whose child has suffered from hematological cancer. “Amila” Foundation with the support of MARY KAY launched a project, thanks to which both children who have undergone cancer and parents and accompanying persons, who have undergone serious trials with a sick child, could receive high-quality medical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

Development of the concept of modern rehabilitation of patients with oncopathology to increase the effectiveness of anticancer therapy in children of this category and achieve a high-quality life for them in the process of special treatment and after recovery – is an urgent problem of modern oncopediatrics in our country.

Since the treatment of cancer depletes not only all the mental, but also the material resources of the family, participation in our programs is completely free for children from all over the country.

In the period from September 26 to October 4, 2020 and from December 18 to December 25, 2020, for the first time in Kazakhstan, a pilot project of family medical, psychological and social rehabilitation of children with oncological and hematological pathology was presented in the conditions of the Children’s Clinical Sanatorium “Alatau” in St. Almaty with the support and direct participation of employees of the Foundation “Amila”, the department of psychological and social assistance of JSC “KazNIIOiR” and a team of volunteers Lider.kz.

So many impressions and positive emotions were received by the parents themselves, who had previously experienced incredible difficult times with their children in the hospital and after being discharged from the hospital, afraid to let their children go to society, worrying about the physical and emotional state of their children – an author’s rehabilitation program was prepared for them , including: psychological trainings; social educational program regarding regulatory issues and state services provided to people with disabilities; undergoing medical procedures according to indications and simply to relieve fatigue (hydromassage baths, cedar barrel, various types of massage, shungite baths, halotherapy, sauna, mud therapy, etc.) And how mothers and fathers who came with their children shared – “We saw their children as they were before the illness – carefree, cheerful, sociable. “

We express our respect and gratitude to you for popularizing the ideas of charity and developing an active civil initiative. We also hope for your further support of our young foundation, for the benefit of children who have suffered serious illnesses.

Kazakhstan Amila Foundation
health protection and rehabilitation