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Rimanto Kaukėno paramos grupė is a charity founded in 2012 in Lithuania. It gives hope, strength and happiness by supporting children who fight with tumors

The goal is simple – to disburden the seriously ill children and their families. Help them diminish and deal with trauma of complicated diagnosis, long and uncertain path to getting back to health and add a little bit of light to the lives of these children.

For a couple of year now Mary Kay and Rimanto Kaukėno paramos grupė (charity foundation devoted to helping children suffering from tumors and cancers) are going hand in hand helping children to deal with difficult situation.

“We consider Mary Kay company a friend” – says the Rimanto Kaukėno paramos grupė representative. Together we do beautiful things and help the children in many different ways.

Tumor/Cancer diagnosis is often not a death sentence – and it’s complicated in so many ways. The support has to be as variable as the needs and the needs are many and varies a lot. You have to take care both about the physical condition of these young bodies, but also about their attitude and mental health. As we all know it’s almost impossible to overcome anything if you are not willing to overcome it!

There are 3 main types of help we try to provide to do everything we can to brighten the days and simplify the complicated situation of seriously ill children and their families:

  • We help funding medical tools and medicaments needed by those children who are under our care. The therapies are often really expensive and our help can be the only way and hope for a better life and getting back to health for those children.
  • There are also tools needed not necessarily to get better, but to go through the illness with ease and help to overcome everyday obstacles that arise for seriously ill children. For example we funded blender for Milda, who need it to properly prepare her mills.
  • Third, but no less important support is bringing some light and hope into the lives of those children. We do all we can to make their dreams come true, to help them feel alive in spite of all the difficulties they encounter. Egle received her dreamt computer, Ben thanks to us visited Vichy waterpark. Such small and seemingly meaningless – for common people – activities, help those children to forget, even for a little while, and gather strength for the next battles they will fight to get back to full health.

This is all very moving and also incredible. When you look at this from the outside it seems almost impossible – how does a woman who sells cosmetic products can help seriously ill children by doing nothing more than her everyday work? How does a woman who buys product that she would probably buy anyway can contribute to buying specialistic medical equipment and fulfilling dreams of some children? It’s all possible thanks to Mary Kay! They make it seem to be so easy yet believe us as we say – it means so much!

As Rimanto Kaukėno paramos grupė we are so happy and proud to be able to cooperate with Mary Kay, we deeply appreciate all the things we’ve done so far, and we can’t wait for the next campaigns to come! It helps us achieve our goals and help but also bring smile to the faces of young people who have possibly nothing to smile about. Thank you!

Romanto Kaukeno Paramos Grupe