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Solidarity Beauty Sessions for women with cancer

Mary Kay Spain has been a Gold Collaborator of the Stanpa Foundation since its inception in 2012, in its program “Get beautiful, you will feel better” aimed at helping women with cancer.

Since 2012, Mary Kay Spain has collaborated with the Stanpa Foundation in its program “Get beautiful, you will feel better” , to help women with cancer. This program consists of the development of skin care and makeup workshops taught in public hospitals in different cities and towns throughout Spain. During these sessions, volunteers teach women with cancer beauty tips to help them manage the side effects of cancer treatment that affect the health of their skin and physical appearance, and therefore their well-being and self-esteem. The arrival of Covid-19 meant that the program had to transform itself by changing its format and conducting the beauty workshops digitally but fully maintaining its link with hospitals.

Mary Kay Beauty Consultants have been a great example of perseverance in their volunteering during confinement, conducting beauty sessions for women with cancer from very different parts of the country from their own homes. More than 35% of the volunteers in the program are Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants.

“The company is extremely proud to know that Mary Kay continues to help improve the quality of life of women with cancer more than ever through beauty sessions tailored to their real needs and concerns. The Covid-19 has not stopped our Sales Force, which has continued, with more force if possible, collaborating as volunteers with the Stanpa Foundation. They have been and continue to be a great example of commitment and solidarity “; says Gema Aznar, General Director of Mary Kay Spain.

In addition to the volunteer work developed by the company’s Beauty Consultants, Mary Kay Spain donates hundreds of products each year to the Foundation so that the workshops of the “Make yourself beautiful, you will feel better” program continue to be free for all women.

Mary Kay’s cancer relief efforts began in 1963 when Mary Kay Ash founded her dream company with clear caring values ​​aimed at improving the lives of women around the world, paying greater attention to social scourges and diseases in women such as cancer was already. In this way, Mary Kay collaborates on a global level with the Stanpa Foundation in its “Make yourself beautiful, you will feel better” program in many different countries, including Spain.

Learn more about El Rosa Cambia Vidas , Mary Kay’s solidarity program in Spain and around the world.

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