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We manage to increase our contribution in working with the most vulnerable groups of children

(Hope and Homes for Children), which works in 14 countries on 3 continents

For 17 months of partnership, $7,877 were transferred by Mary Kay Moldova in support of CCF Moldova programs – the Prevention program of separating children from their family, but also the return of children to a family environment, leaving the orphanages behind them. 

Thus, during this period, 85 children from 42 families were supported from this donation. Working with these families and children involved both material support (partially provided by Mary Kay),  but also: psychological counseling, family planning, legal advice/representation, support in accessing the social benefits, support in accessing employment, documentation, development of parenting skills, accessing community services, counselling in economic development and independent living skills.

The Mary Kay donation has supplemented our work and provided support in those cases where we did not have sufficient funding.

The average financial contribution per family was ~$188 while the minimum was ~$112  and the maximum contribution was $763.53.

Below is Claudia’s life story and the assistance provided with Mary Kay support.

Claudia’s is one of the families supported to stay together with her two young children who were 1 and 3 at the time of our intervention. In November 2020, we received her case referral from the Local Public Authorities. Claudia was living in her partner’s home who is her children’s biological father.  The man was abusive and aggressive. When he went to prison his relatives chased away Claudia and her children. She had no place to go, was depressed and people in the community thought her unstable and even intellectually disabled.  

Her mother was never her rock; in her own family Claudia felt abandoned and not supported, the apartment she lived in was small, dirty and had no flooring, so she knew that she would not be welcomed there.

When we first met Claudia, she was quiet, apathetic, and lived in horrible poverty. We advocated with the mayor and other authorities on her behalf, so she had access to social benefits and helped her with needed paperwork. However, her most pressing need at that time was a safe home and we were able to provide her a modest house in a village which we owned from a previous project. That was the turning point. She left behind humiliation, abuse and conflicts with her partner’s relatives.

Today, after almost 6 months she lives in her small but well cared for home, made friends with neighbors while authorities support her with all their available resources. 

With Mary Kay support (~$140), Claudia bought a new door and some construction materials for its installment.

Of course, Claudia’s family will need further support to access education services for her young children and to overcome all troubles from her past, but the horizon is much brighter now.

Claudia told us how much she appreciates the support and the calm and peaceful life in her small house with her children.*Annually, CCF Moldova works with about 700 children. This is possible thanks to international and local partnerships and funding.

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