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Within the framework of Mother’s Day, the independent beauty consultants come to our facility

Every year, Mary Kay´s Independent Beauty Consultants come to the civic association Brána do života to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a big day for clients and employees.

Gabriela, like other clients, did not have the opportunity or finances to care about her look properly. Even in this difficult situation in which she found herself, although her look is not the most important factor, like each of us, she wanted to feel beautiful and feminine. Gabriela had mental health problems and a complicated family situation.

Mary Kay IBC advice and make-up class helped her boost her confidence and emphasize her femininity. Gabriela has started using the right products since this meeting and started to take care of herself. She kept a good job, found a life partner and recently got married.

Thanks to the annual Mary Kay cosmetic gifts, our clients and even employees have the opportunity to take care of themselves with quality cosmetics. Mary Kay is the only company that thinks of the employees and not only of the clients, and I thank the company very much for that.

After each visit by the independent beauty consultant, our clients feel more beautiful and their self-confidence is boosted, something which is very important for their future lives and integration into society.

Thank you to Mgr. Jana Bahulová, Director of the halfway home and emergency housing of the civic association Brána do života for contributing this story!

Brana do zivota Civic Association