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DALLAS, TX, (AUGUST 22, 2019) – Mary Kay Inc., a leading corporate advocate of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, announced the appointment of Katherine Weng as General Manager for Mary Kay (China) Co., Ltd. Based in Shanghai, Weng will report directly to Mary Kay’s Asia Pacific Region President, KK Chua.

“Katherine’s tireless work ethic, strategic mindset, and ability to forge long-term relationships have enabled Mary Kay China to reach new heights,” says Chua. “She is passionate about our mission to enrich women’s lives. She understands our Independent Beauty Consultants’ needs and works hard to fulfill those needs to support their businesses. Within the company, she has successfully created a seamless link between sales, marketing and operations. We look forward to continued growth in China under her leadership.”

Mary Kay began operations in China more than 20 years ago and has quickly grown to be one of the company’s top three international markets.

Weng’s appointment is just the latest in Mary Kay Inc.’s decades-long commitment to empowering women to serve in leadership positions around the globe. Women in leadership positions at Mary Kay is a driving force to its success:

  • 61 percent of Mary Kay’s global workforce is female;
  • In leadership positions of director and above, 59 percent of employees are female;
  • In leadership positions of vice president and above, 51 percent are female;
  • 46 percent of the Mary Kay global executive team is female; and,
  • 68 percent of Mary Kay international market leadership is female.

“I am extremely honored to serve women and their families in China,” says Weng. “It has been a great privilege to work for a company that is dedicated to not only enriching women’s lives through a fantastic business opportunity and cutting-edge products, but also through its philanthropic and sustainability efforts.”

Weng started her career as a Shanghai Branch and Customer Service Manager for Mary Kay China in 1995 and has held various key positions in the last 24 years, most recently as Sr. Commercial Vice President. She has been an integral part of the leadership team in China and has made a significant contribution to the growth and success of Mary Kay China.

Weng earned her Master of Business Administration degree from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia.