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The Young Women in STEAM Grants – launched in 2020 – award young women making tremendous contributions to STEAM fields and help them further pursue their dreams

DALLAS, TX (October 5, 2022) – As a decades-long leader in women’s empowerment and innovative science, Mary Kay celebrates young women who are taking charge of their futures through leadership, innovation, and determination to excel in STEAM fields. Women make up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math. [1] By offering continued support to young women in STEAM fields, they are continuing Mary Kay’s mission, which is to improve women’s lives everywhere.

“More young women gaining access to STEAM education leads to an increase in women embracing careers in those fields. In turn, this provides access to more equal opportunities for women, narrows the gender pay gap, bolsters economies, and eliminates bias in scientific and related fields. Every day, through innovation and science, women around the world are solving some of the most complex problems — but there’s more to be done to recognize their contributions, provide them a voice and increase their representation in STEAM fields.”

Dr. Lucy Gildea, Chief Innovation Officer, Product and Science for Mary Kay Inc.

Mary Kay’s Young Women in STEAM Grants and social campaign feature young women from around the world who are making outstanding contributions in STEAM fields. Ivanna Hernandez, aspiring astronomer and aerospace enthusiast from Colombia, was a recipient of the Young Women in STEAM grants and received a second continuing education grant to launch her dream of becoming the first Latin American woman astronaut to go to Mars.

In celebration of World Space Week, Mary Kay created a video highlighting the importance of STEAM education opportunities to help young women reach for the stars – young women like Ivanna.

“Young women in Colombia have very little access to STEAM education, especially in the aerospace field. By bringing awareness to the program and pursuing my passion to go to space, I hope to bring more opportunities to young women in Colombia who are interested in seeking higher education and careers in STEAM areas. The best solutions are achieved when you have a diverse team capable of noticing all the flaws that a problem or design raises. Because women have different social backgrounds and specific needs, our contribution complements and fills gaps that have been overlooked for years.”

Ivanna Hernandez

Mary Kay is proud to continue its commitment to providing educational opportunities to young women around the world by investing in their future and watching them soar in their STEAM pursuits.

National Girls Collaborative Project (2022). The State of Girls and Women in Stem. https://ngcproject.org/resources/state-girls-and-women-stem

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