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A Defining Moment Amidst an Unprecedented Crisis we Dedicated Part of Our Global Supply Chain

Mary Kay manufactures, donates hand sanitizer to support COVID-19 relief effort worldwide.

We believe there are moments in time that can define a person, define a company or define a brand. In Mary Kay’s nearly 57 years of business, there have been many defining moments but if ever there was a defining moment in our company’s story – it is now.

For the first time in company history, we dedicated part of our global supply chain and manufacturing facilities to make hand sanitizer – a product we have never produced – amid the ongoing effort to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. In less than a week, we went from conception to execution – our fastest product development time ever.

We are proud to announce the production, distribution and donation of hand sanitizer in Mary Kay markets worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of hand sanitizer units will be distributed to frontline workers, nursing homes and other healthcare systems, as well as community first responders. In another company first, we worked across borders to collaborate with government officials and healthcare facilities to ensure this critical asset reaches those who need it most and make a targeted impact.

Even while we are socially distanced, we have shown the world that we are one team capable of accomplishing amazing things. Mary Kay Ash would be proud – but not surprised – as she knew the power of our company’s giving heart and that of every single Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant around the world.

Mary Kay Hand Sanitizer
Frontline Workers
Mary Kay donates hundreds of thousands of units of hand sanitizer worldwide.