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Eye-opening Documentary Sheds Light on Sustainability in the Gulf of Mexico

Mary Kay partners with The Nature Conservancy and Media One in female-produced and directed “Guardians of the Gulf” documentary.

Like any relationship – only so much can be taken without giving back. In an eye-opening documentary, Guardians of the Gulf explores the tumultuous relationship between the Gulf of Mexico and the conservationists determined to protect it.

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Media One, Mary Kay Inc. served as executive producer of the film that sheds light on the untold stories of the tireless efforts being made to sustain the Gulf of Mexico, one of the hardest-working bodies of water in the world. The film gives a voice to those on the coasts of Texas, Alabama and Mexico who are striving to improve sustainability for generations to come.

Filmed, directed and produced by an all-female crew, Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in October 2020 at the all-digital LA Femme International Film Festival. The film also screened online as part of the 2020 Wild Texas Film Tour, the 16th annual Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival and 22nd annual Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival.

As an international leader in corporate and social responsibility, Mary Kay has long worked to make the planet more beautiful by partnering with organizations whose mission is to improve sustainability in our communities globally. Through the compelling storytelling and visual narrative of Guardians of the Gulf, we hope to inspire others to take action to protect one of Earth’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

Guardians of the Gulf
Guardians of the Gulf, a documentary produced by Mary Kay Inc., showcases the biodiverse ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico and the guardians who work tirelessly to protect it.